1985 Land Rover Santana Cazorla
This Cazorla is a very rare Spanish made 6 cylinder diesel mated to a four speed manual transmission with over drive.  Seats for 9 passengers.  Aluminum roof rack.  Original interior and motor.  Think of a British Series IIA and add 40 horsepower and power assist steering and brakes.  The motor was developed for the Spanish military and was offered in civilians vehicle for the four year run of this model.

This Land Rover Santana Cazorla, like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.

Plenty of power and capability in this ultimate 4×4 diesel pick up for the farm or around town, and many more years of enjoyment for its new owner.

This Cazorla was sold to a business in USA.


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