SOLD!  One family owned with 121,000 kms on 2.4L “2LT” motor with “R150” 5 speed manual with two speed transfer.  Always garaged, excellent maintenance.



Originally sold to a private owner in the Canary Islands and remained in same family following the death of the first owner (2011).  Original payment receipts and several service history records accompany the sale.  Always garage and well cared for, the factory Blue paint looks like new.  The grey cloth interior is also original and in very good condition.  The vehicle has never failed a road test (ITV) in its history.


The Land Cruiser wears Blue factory paint and original decals.  The paint is in good condition with very few minor blemishes.  The light lenses are undamaged.  The wheel fender flares are part of the LX model and are in good condition.  The chrome bumpers are undamaged and there is a rear trailer hitch.  The side foot steps have been lowered 3cm to accommodate the original owner.  The FRP top is in good condition.

There is one area of rust under the front windshield seal on the passenger side the size of a pencil eraser.  Also, where the front windshield and FRP top meet the seal needs replacing.  The full doors are in good condition without any rust.

The front tires are Goodyear Wrangler AT/R 31×10.5R15 and the rear tires are Falken Landair AT 235/70R15 on alloy rims.

motor and transmission

The 2LT 2.4L inline 4 cylinder turbo diesel motor produces 90 horsepower with a cruising speed of 110 kph and top speed of 140 kph.  The engine is well kept and has 121k kms since new.  The timing belt has been renewed during the second ownership.
The R150 5 speed manual transmission has a manually locking 4WD and wheel hubs.  Unlike other 70 Series there is no button activated 4WD.  The transmission has a two speed transfer case.
Recent work includes replacing the clutch, new battery and service to the injection pump.  Overall, the engine area is clean and well maintained.


There are seats for five passenger with rear folding bench seats.  The grey cloth interior is in excellent condition.  The captains chair is undamaged and all the seats have been covered since new.  The carpets and roof liner are clean.
The windows are manually operated and the locks have power in working order.  The LJ73 was delivered from the factory without an altimeter allowing greater visibility.  
Other than a Pioneer CD stereo the interior remains original.  The steering wheel is intact and undamaged.  The rear sliding widows operate with ease.
Overall, it looks and feels like it just left the showroom.  The front seat shock absorbers have good spring.  Everything works.

test drive

In town and on the highway with three adults.  The ride as a passenger is comfortable and with good space for movement.  The driver position is high and commanding over the road.  There are good lines of sight for the driver.  It moves and handles well in traffic.  The gears shift smoothly and the alignment is straight.  There is no sign of a need of any immediate maintainence. 
The LJ73 is the type of car built for everyday with the hopes of making the commute fun!  It feels like it should be jumping in puddles and pulling up to the beach in the afternoon.  Life is what you make it, and this Land Cruiser is ready to take you there AND BACK.

Left Hand Drive

This Toyota Land Cruiser LJ73 LX like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.


This Toyota Land Cruiser LJ73 LX was sold to a private buyer in the Michigan USA.  Click on the link below to find something similar.




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