SOLD!  Garage kept with fresh repaint.  3.5L turbo diesel motor with automatic transmission.  Triple locking differentials.  Trailer hitch.



Imported from Germany by its previous owner in 2006.  Now on its third owner.  311,555 kms from new.  Currently, insured and road legal.
The exterior has had paint work to the passenger side door.  No rust on the underbody.  Garage kept.  Non smoking.  No pets.


Rust free body with factory black paint.  The protective rubber strips remain in good condition.  Window and door rubber in good condition.  Rear window tints.  Window rain guards.  Bumper caps in good condition.  Several scratches on the roof.

motor and transmission

OM606 3.5L 6 cylinder inline turbo diesel producing 134 hp mated to a  4 speed automatic transmission.  Full time all wheel drive with indendently locking center, front and rear differentials.  Top speed of 145 kph.  Consumes 14L / 100 KM.
Factory hood matting in good condition.  Oil is present near the valve cover and on the underside of the engine.  Water hoses in good condition, radiator in ok condition.   No bad noises or vibrations.
Rust free underbody.  No accidents.  Suspension in good condition.  Steering system in good order.  Tires with 50% tread remaining.


The best feature of the vehicle.  Interior in very good condition with all factory options present.  Comfortable captain and co-pilot seats feature adjustable arm rests.  Manually adjusted front seats with headrests in grey cloth with leather trim.  Manually locking doors with roll down windows.  Elegant hardwood adorns a padded dashboard.
Rear seats fold flat.  Carpet and headliner clean and in good condition.  All electronics work properly.  Heater is hot.  No damage to note.
Driving position is comfortable with good sight lines.  Dash control are easily accessed.  After market stereo unit.  Passenger seat is comfortable with ample space.  The rear seats can accommodate two adults or two child seats.
The W463 interior is a marvel in its simplicity and elegance in an all terrain vehicle!

test drive

Highway and city driving with three adults.  The interior is quiet enough for all passengers to share a conversation at a normal volume.  The pilot chair feels spacious and commanding over the road.  The driver sight lines are unmolested.
In the city, the short wheel base manuevers well and handles uneven pavement well.  The center of gravity is noticeably low allowing for good cornering at higher speeds.  The 350GD is not fast but it is capable of over taking vehicles safely on the highway.  Speeds of 130 kph are easily reached.  The suspension and brakes performed properly.
Overall, a pleasure to drive.

Left hand drive

This Mercedes Benz 350GD W463 like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.

No Longer available

This Mercedes Benz 350GD has sold to a private party.  Click on the button below to find a simlar vehicle.




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