SOLD!  5 door with factory paint in Alpine Silver and Sonar Blue colored interior.  Always garaged, mechanic owned.  Only 49,991 kms (31,000 miles)!!  No rust.  Factory air conditioning.  9L/100km or 26 mpg.  5 speed manual transmission.



Originally sold on Tenerife in 1993 to an occasional resident.  The first generation Discovery was under the care of the mechanic while the original owner was off island.  In 2002 the mechanic was gifted the vehicle with only 5,000 kms on the odometer.  The second owner maintained and occasionally used it until their passing in late 2018.  The vehicle has accumulated 49,991 kms since new.
The overall condition of the vehicle is very good with some minor body imperfections on the passenger side.  The interior is like new and in a unique color combination called Sonar Blue.  The exterior is in its factory Aspen Silver paint.  The vehicle is without modification.
The 200Tdi motor is well kept.  The 5 speed manual LT77S transmission provides full time 4WD with a two speed transfer case.  The climate is controlled with air conditioning and power windows.  The safari roof has 4 independent sunroofs, two of which open manually.  The five doors provide easy access for five passengers.


The Land Rover is finished in Aspen Silver paint from the factory.  The overall condition is good, and the vehicle has always been garaged.  There is a dent to the front passenger fender and deep scratches near the fuel filler door.  The rest of the body is in good condition with some minor scratches.

The door seals are in good condition.  The sunroof seals are watertight and open and close with ease.  The roof rack is factory installed.  The four tires are Hilo brand 235/70/16 with more than 50% tread remaining.

Overall, good original paint with little wear and tear.  No rust!


motor and transmission

The 200Tdi 4 cylinder diesel motor is in clean working order.  The compression is good at start.  The turbo sounds good.  The fluids are up to date and clean.  The air conditioning system does not blow cold air.
The 5 speed LT77S transmission shifts smoothly into all gears, as well as, the two speed transfer case.  The handbrake is adjusted properly, and is a transmission brake.  Underneath the chassis is very clean and without rust.  The suspension and brakes appear to be in good order of maintenance and ride well.  The vehicle has been kept clean and there is little sign of oil leaking below.  The steering box does show wetness from oil, no other oil leaks to note.


The interior is an award winning design of Sir Terence Conran and in a unique Sonar Blue color combination.  There is a mix of alternative materials and textures that firmly places it in the early 1990s – no wood trim or fancy leather, yes rubberized plastics.
The rear cargo area has 1290 liters of volumetric apace and 1970L with the seats folded down.  Rear side organizer pockets and retractable cargo space cover are fitted in the rear.  The back bench seats fold forward 60/40 with incredible ease at the push of a button.
The interior cloth and carpet are in excellent condition and do not exhibit any damage or major wear.  The colors are visually pleasing.  The sight lines are good and there is ample natural light.
The is an after market alarm installed, as well as, a Pioneer CD MP3 player.

test drive

In town and on the highway with three adults.  The ride as a passenger is comfortable and with good space for movement.  The driver position is high and commanding over the road.  The ergonomic steering wheel rests well in the hands of the driver.  The bright sunlight interior and unique color are subtle artistry.  This is coming from a time of stationary car phones and prior to on demand screen entertainment.  It is a smart period in time of technological transition in a sporty vessel.

Left Hand Drive

This first generation Land Rover Discovery like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.


This Land Rover Discovery has been sold to a private buyer in the Spain.  Click on the link below to find a similar vehicle.




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