Two owner, restored in 2010,  garage kept.  Modified for overland travel and repainted.    Full time 4WD with triple locking differentials and 2 speed transfer case.  Air conditioning, snorkel, winch, air compressor, trailer hitch and much more.



Two owners from new for this Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 VX, current owner since 2007.  Originally purchased at Blandy Toyota on Tenerife.  Repainted in silver in 2008.  Original motor and driveline.  The vehicle underwent a complete restoration between 2007 and 2010, and was tastefully prepared for long distance overland travel.
The restoration was completed by the owner in his father´s mechanic shop over the course of four years.  Close attention to detail was paid.  Modifications consist of high quality brand name parts.
Overall, the vehicle is very clean.  Never in an accident nor any noticeable damage to the body or chassis.  The body is clean without rust or dents.  The owner has maintained the vehicle to high standards and always took care to put it away clean after off road use.


Repainted in 2008 in silver, underbody painted in black at same time.  Black vinyl paint is high quality matte and heavy duty to resist abrasions.  Rear sliding windows are blacked out with black vinyl paint.  Few scratches and no significant damage.  Rust free, no accidents.
The suspension is reinforced and has extension limiters.  The chassis is reinforced, as well.  Added to AFN front bumper is a Warn winch with LED light bar.  Headlights replaced with LED bulbs.  Rear tail light covers replaced with after market part, originals available.  Snorkel and wheel separators with 16 inch TRD alloy wheels wearing BF Goodrich tires in need of replacement with less than 50% tread remaining.
Rear window wiper is removed, and available.  Rear window has recovery tracks holder.  The rain gutters have light damage from a previously installed expedition roof rack.  Added fresh water inlet near gas filler.
Overall, good condition with few imperfections.


Clean and mostly original, in good condition.  The HDJ80 VX interior color is light grey.  Front seats are replaced with competition Sparco seats.  Steering wheel replaced with Imisi brand wheel.  Plastic dashboard counsel refurbished with carbon fiber showing light wear.
All power windows and moonroof function properly with good speed.  Added 12 volt to 220 volt inverter on-board, connected to third battery.  Fresh water tank with pump.  On-board air compressor.  Extra storage compartments.  After market Kenwood CD stereo.  Altimeter and level gauges.  Additional power ports – USB and 220 volts.
Seats for five passengers clean and in good condition.  Headliner intact and clean.  All electronics function properly.  Pedals and gear knobs are consistent with use of vehicle.
Overall, very clean interior in good condition.


1HD-T 4.2L inline 6 cylinder turbo diesel motor with 12 valves mated to a H151F 5 speed manual transmission.  Full time 4 wheel drive with triple locking differentials and two speed transfer case.
Modifications include a third battery to power electronic accessories.  An added oil cooler to the power steering system.  10mm steel underbody protectors.   Turbo pressure gauge.  Air conditioning system delivered from factory but currently disconnected.
The vehicle´s electrical system is 24 volts.  The clutch is smooth and all gears shift smoothly.  The disc brakes have been replaced with larger calipers from a later model Land Cruiser HDJ80 to function properly with the larger wheels.
The vehicle handles well and the suspension is in good condition.  The factory matting for the hood is missing.
Overall, excellent condition and the engine sounds like it just left the factory.


Road test with maximum speed of 60kph.  The HDJ80 VX drives well, with excellent low range power and good acceleration in lower gears.  The Land Cruiser passes the “hands off” test, traveling smoothly in a straight line for a distance.
The ride as a passenger is comfortable.  The sight lines for the driver are clean.  The driver position is comfortable with ample space.  Sparco seats minimize driving fatigue with added support.
All gears shift smoothly  and good handling with a smooth suspension.  The motor sounds incredible and the turbo is in excellent condition.  Good power in all gears in low range.
The motor, transmission and suspension performs well and did not exhibit bad vibrations or noise.  Drives well, handles fine, comfortable suspension and good brakes.
Overall, a powerful beast that is nimble and virtually unstoppable.  A unique vehicle that is a pleasure to drive.


Complete vehicle with tasteful, quality upgrades.
The vehicle is original in motor and transmission.
Very clean inside and out.
Low KMS with only 249,700 kms from new.
Painted exterior and underbody in 2008.
The motor is strong and sounds great.
The drive is comfortable and correct.
Prepped for overland travel.
Triple locking differentials.


Tires need replacing.


Completely restored from 2007 until 2010.
The vehicle has competed in off road and overland competitions in mainland Europe and Morocco.
Overland Bound registered.
One of the founding members of Tenerife Overland in 2010.
Affectionately, referred to as “El Unicornio” by its peers.
The vehicle was first registered in 1992.


This is one of the nicest HDJ80 available for sale in the Canary Islands in the last five years.
The restoration and off road preparation are second to none.
At home in a supermarket parking lot or en-route to Dakar.
If you are in the market for an overland vehicle, this is the one.
The current owner restored the vehicle with the intention of keeping it forever.
This is a rare Land Cruiser that will make the next owner proud.

This one is a must have!

left hand drive

This Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 VX like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.

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REady for export

This HDJ80 VX is available for sale by a private owner in the Canary Islands Spain and it is available for exportation worldwide.


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