Three owner.  Factory paint and motor.  380,851 KMS.  Full time 4wd with center locking differential and  2 speed transfer case.  Passed Toyota Service pre-sale inspection and compression testing.



Purchased new in 1992 at Blandy Toyota of Tenerife.  Within the first year the truck was sold to its second owner who kept it until 2016.  The current owner bought it less than two years ago in November.  During their ownership, 35,000kms have been added totalling 380,860 kms.  No accidents.


Inline 6 cylinder 4.2L turbo diesel motor, 1HD-T.  Last service was within the past year, all fluids changed.  Timing belt was done by previous owner at 322k kms.  Injection pump is said to be rebuilt under current ownership.  Newer radiator.  Replaced clutch slave cylinder.

Engine was dirty with oil showing on valve cover.  Hood shocks are bad, replacement parts purchased.

5 speed manual H151F transmission.  Full time 4 wheel drive.  2 speed transfer case.  Center locking differential.

Overall, okay condition.


Dashboard is complete and in okay condition.  One of the center tilting vents is loose, damaged.  Missing one knob from heater control.  After market stereo with one plastic covering removed for USB port.  Locking glove box.  Original steering wheel in poor condition.  Shifter knobs in okay condition.  

Missing driver side sun visor, replacement part purchased.  After market pedal covers.  Driver seatbelt worn and needs replacing.  Driver seat damaged and worn.  Passenger seat torn and in okay condition.  Back and rear seats in okay condition.  Rear carpet is stained.  Headliner in okay condition.

Moonroof functions properly.  All windows function properly.  Rear gate is missing a bolt in the passenger side hinge.  Original tools and jack. 

Overall, okay condition.


Factory paint, color code 183, in poor condition.  Clear coat is badly sun damaged and removed in large areas.  Small areas of rust include on the body near the front bumper, small chip on hood, upper edge where body meets front windshield, bottom front corner of rear passenger side sliding window, small chip near sunroof, driver side rain gutter above back door, and rear window bottom passenger side corner.  

Driver side mirror is damaged, replacement part purchased.  Radio antenna damaged, replacement part purchased.  Bumper caps are worn, front driver side turn signal cracked.  Some minor scratches, no significant dents.  

Straight and clean with areas of oxidation in the rear.  Front wheel knuckles are weeping oil.  Front differential wet with oil.  Rear diffs clean with light oxidation.

Overall, okay condition.


Light off road use to test transfer case and centre diff lock, all function properly.  On highway, accelerated to 140kph without hesitation and plenty more power – speed limit 120kph.  Handles smooth and straight.  Brakes are good.  All gears shift smoothly.


Factory paint.

Body is clean without dents.

Interior is original.

Newer tires.


Needs rust treatment and paint work.  

Dirty engine with oil present.  

Steering wheel needs replacing.  

A/C operational but without the gas.


Good driver.  

Overall, in okay condition requiring paint work.  

This Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 GX like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.
This HDJ80 is available for sale by a private owner in the Canary Islands and is available for exportation worldwide.


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