SOLD!  Recent body work and repaint.  3.5L naturally aspirated 3B diesel motor with H55F 5 speed manual transmission.



Originally purchased from Blandy Toyota of Tenerife and registered shortly after on the neighboring island of Lanzarote.  The original 3B motor and H55F transmission have 474,400 kms.   Under its current ownership, the truck was cosmetically restored and repainted.  The current owner has refreshed all the fluids and fluids in their two year and 5,000kms ownership.


In 2017 the BJ73 was repainted in white.  The front windshield was replaced with a new fiberglass frame.  The windshield area and firewall were repaired from oxidation.  The lower corners of the door frames were also treated for rust and repaired.  There are several scratches and paint chips.

The FRP top is in okay condition.  The rear sliding windows were repaired using stainless steel frame.  The rear doors are full size.

The tires are BF Goodrich on 15 inch steel rims.

motor and transmission

¨3B¨ 3.5L naturaaly asprated inline 4 cylinder diesel engine mated to a  H55F 5 speed manual transmission.  Rear wheel drive while manually locking front hubs and 2 speed transfer case.  Consumes 12L / 100 KM with a top speed of 140 kph.
Factory hood matting in missing.  Oil is present near the valve cover and on the underside of the engine.  Water hoses in okay condition, radiator in okay condition.   No bad noises.  Lots vibration from worn motor mounts.
Rust free underbody.  No accidents.  Suspension in okay condition.  Steering system in good order.  Tires with less than 50% tread remaining.


The interior is largely original from the factory in okay condition.  The driver seat cushion was reupholstered.  The steering wheel is original in okay consition.  The pedals and shift knobs are consistent for its use.  Manually locking doors with roll down windows.  USB Pioneer stero unit with 24v/12V converter.  Locking glove box.  Heater is not working.  The dash has on small crack on the passenger side.  Original tools and owner´s manual included.
Rear seats fold flat.  Carpet and headliner clean and in good condition.  Rear window wiper does not work.
Driving position is comfortable with good sight lines.  Dash control are easily accessed.  Passenger seat is comfortable with ample space.  The rear seats can accommodate two adults or two child seats.
The rear seatbelts need replacing.

test drive

Highway and driving in town with two adults.  The interior is quiet enough for conversation at a normal volume.  The pilot chair feels commanding over the road.  The driver sight lines are unmolested.  Added benefit of tachometer and altimeter.
In the city, the short wheel base manuevers well and handles uneven pavement with ease.  The BJ73 cruises comfortably between 100-110 kph.  The suspension was soft and brakes performed properly.
Overall, a pleasure to drive.

Left hand drive

This Toyota Land Cruiser BJ73 like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.

No Longer available

This Toyota Land Cruiser BJ73 has sold to a private party.  Click on the button below to find a similar vehicle.




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