SOLD!  From the private collection of Canary Island Rover.  Restored and original.  ****121,561 KMS or 72,900 miles**** Freshly painted.   Solid axles.  Free locking wheel hubs.  2.4L diesel motor.  2 speed transfer case.  5 speed manual transmission.  Stainless steel bed liner.  LIKE NEW CONDITION!!



1988 Toyota Hilux 4WD LN65 was purchased from the original owner in Santa Ursula, Tenerife in October 2017.
Originally bought from Blandy Toyota dealership in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and registered on March 30, 1988 (EU Veteran Vehicle).  Primarily used for finca work and transportation from the village to vineyards.  The original owner kept it well maintained and in great condition.
The final service by the first owner in 2016 included a complete repaint in Off White and underbody coating, four new Dunlop tires and a complete rear axle service.  Records indicate the timing belt was replaced in 1999 with 99,000kms and the injectors were serviced with new nozzles in 2008 with 119,020 kms.  In the last 10 years it has traveled less than 3,000kms but it has been driven and maintained regularily with passing safety inspections every six months.   It has been kept in a garage since new.
Under the current ownership, in October 2017 minor service including changing all fluids and filters, tire rotation and balancing, and cooling system service were completed.  The radio antenna was replaced for an original Toyota manual antenna in March 2018, along with a new battery.  The heater control was repaired in April 2018 and new decals (original design) were added at that time.  The last ITV was passed in March 2018 without a single negative remark.  This Hilux LN65 is in incredible working order.


“2L” 2.4L diesel mated to a “G52” five speed manual transmission with manual locking wheel hubs in 4WD, and a 2 speed transfer case.  The engine bay is clean with factory matting in ok condition.  The engine is responsive.  All gears shift smoothly.  The clutch and brakes function properly.  The vehicle handles well with power steering, and the suspension is in good condition.
Top speed is 120kph.  Cruising speed is 90kph.  Fuel consumption is 9.0L/100kms or 26 mpg.


Completely intact and in clean, fine condition.  The interior color is grey with grey vinyl seats.  Shoulder safety seatbelts for five passengers with front and rear bench seats, manual windows (that roll all the way down) and locks, radio, heater, interior dome light, 12V cigarette lighter with ashtray and glove box.
The dash is complete with all the buttons and controls working properly and without damage or wear.  The dashboard was professionally reupholstered in January 2018 along with the door panels and front armrests.  The headliner is original and clean with some markings.  The grey vinyl floor liner is worn through in the driver footwell but the rest is in good condition.  No damage to any seats – original upholstery.  The driver seat is comfortable.
The clutch and brake pedal indicate light use and the gas pedal is like new, the shifter is also lightly used but well preserved with original markings.  All electronics work properly.  Heater is hot.
The rearview mirror was replaced with a next generation Hilux original part with day/night tilt.  The original part is sun damaged, and it can be included in the sale.
Non smoking.


Repainted in Off White and underbody coated in August 2016.  The paint work shows imperfections, overall it is inexpensive but quality work.  The usual problem areas are rust free – footwells, rain guards, doors, bulkhead.
There are no indications the vehicle has ever been in an accident.  The front driver side bumper cap shows repair.  There is one scratch near the footstep on the fender wall in the front driver side.
All doors shut easily and lock properly.  Four doors with back lift-gate. The rear truck bed is finished with a stainless steel liner.  Running boards for entry access.  Wipers and water sprayer function properly.
Tires in like-new condition with less than 1,000kms (purchased new in August 2016).  Overall in  LIKE NEW condition.


Driven 400kms under current ownership.  The LN65 performs well on the road.  Cruises at 90-100 kph, and can reach speeds in excess of 120 kph.  Handling suffers above 110kph.  Very comfortable cruising and passing at low to medium speeds.
The motor, transmission and suspension perform well and do not exhibit bad vibrations or noise.  No interior noises or vibrations.  Drives well, handles fine, comfortable suspension, shifts smoothly through all gears.
Off road it is very capable of covering rough terrain while under load, one ton cargo capacity.  The solid axles and short lower gears are designed for slower and more complicated travel.  On flat road there is okay acceleration but limited when climbing.  Visibility is good and the ride is comfortable.
In the city, stop and go traffic is similar to other five speed manual transmissions.  Parallel parking is not limited other than by size.  Fits in the narrow streets like a full size family sedan.  Overall a pleasure to drive on and off road.


This is a work truck at heart that has been lightly used and well maintained.
It would be difficult to find a better LHD example anywhere in the world.
The vehicle is ready for daily use or as a showroom model.
The classic lines are unmistakeable and burlishly attractive.
The LN65 model dates a turning point in Toyota engineering and manufacturing.
Truly one of the greatest pickup trucks ever made for its durability, capability and dependability.
At 30 years old it qualifies as a Veteran Vehicle for EU importation equaling great tax savings.


This Toyota Hilux 4WD LN65, like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.


This vehicle has been sold to a private buyer in New York USA.  Click on the button below to find a similar vehicle.


The Toyota Hilux LN65 with “2L” diesel motor on a legendary episode of TopGear.  Part 1 of 3.


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