SOLD!  Two owner.  Motor rebuilt.  4WD with manual locking wheel hubs and 2 speed transfer case.  One ton hydraulic dump bed.

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1981 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45 was bought new in Blandy Toyota Dealership on Tenerife and has remained on the island for its entire life.  The current owner is the second since new.  Currently sporting 417,122 kms on the odometer with less than 2,000 kms since the motor rebuild and repaint.  First used in agriculture to move livestock and feed in the south of Tenerife.  Currently, it is used for the occasional transport of large artworks by its second owner.


The ¨3B¨3.4L diesel motor was completely rebuilt in 2012 – block, head, piston, sleeves, rings, valves and seals – providing ample power and responsiveness, which tops at 120kmh or 75mph on the highway.  4 speed manual transmission.


Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45
Original seats with interior modifications.  The upholstery is dirty and the driver seat is worn and damaged.  The heater is in-operational but complete.  The window washer sprayers are not functional nor connected. 
Walnut wood was used for the inner handles and shift levers and mora wood on the speaker trims.  All hardware fittings have a rubber gasket custom made for the vehicle to reduce vulnerability to oxidation.  A two speaker stereo cassette player has been added.  


Finished in Pearl Turquoise (Toyota paint code 756) and fitted with a new hydraulic lift bed in 2007.   The bed can be made into a flatbed by removing the walls.  Never an accident and minimal oxidation allow for a true driving experience.  There is no power steering nor seatbelts, although the brakes are assisted with a servo booster.
There is rust present in both doors near the bottom.  The driver side footwell exhibits minor oxidation .  The roof is oxidized near the front windshield, and the rain guard was repaired on the driver side.  There is a hinge in the front lower portion of the grill that is rusting.  The dump bed shows rust in the vertical posts near the cabin on both sides.  There is surface rust showing on the leaf springs. 
The dumpbed was re-leveled by the current owner in the rear passenger side, the cause is likely weak rear springs.  The door locks can be stubborn from the outside.  Also the fuel tank has been repaired for leaks by both soldering and fiberglass wrap.


Currently insured and passed the Spanish emission and safety testing of the ITV.  
The motor is responsive and powerful. 
The BJ45 exhibits no leaks or drips, and it starts on the first turn.


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1981 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45


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