Rust free.  Bare-metal repaint.  Factory 3B motor with H41 4 speed manual transmission with two speed transfer case.  Solid axles.  Power steering.



First sold on Tenerife in 1981, the Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 has remained on the island ever since.  Under its current ownership, the vehicle under went a complete off frame restoration five years ago and since garaged. The body was sand blasted to bare-metal prior to repainting in red.
3.5 liter inline four cylinder diesel motor 4 speed manual transmission.  Power steering, power assist braking system, leaf spring suspension with solid front and rear axles, and 15 inch steel wheels.
The Bj42 model was produced in Japan from 1980 until 1984 when the 40 series was discontinued.


Rust free body and chassis.  Repainted in red less than five years ago and undercoated at that time.  All hardware was replaced with stainless steel.  The body and paint work remain in good condition.

The hardtop was also repainted in white.  All rubber seals for doors and windows is in good condition.  Tires are BF Goodrich T/A, all five with good tread remaining.

motor and transmission

“3B” 3.5 liter water cooled inline four cylinder diesel, which is capable of 90 horse power and top speed of 140 kph.  H41 4speed manual transmission. with two speed transfer case.  419,246 kms showing.
Leaf spring suspension with solid front and rear axles.  Front axles have manual wheel lockers.  The rear axle is full floating.  Front disc brakes and rear drums.  
Current ITV vehicle emission and road safety inspection.  Starts on first turn.


Dark blue leather drapes the interior with accents of hardwood.  Climate control with factory air conditioning.  Seats for two with room for rear passengers or cargo.  Aftermarket CD stereo.  Locking glove box.  Manually retractable roof.
The captain´s chair is spacious and comfortable.  The driver has excellent sight lines in the 280SL.  The dash controls are easy to read and manage.
The leather is in ok condition.  The dashboard is in good condition.  All buttons and levers are present.  The steering wheel is original and in good condition.  The carpet needs cleaning.  Overall, well preserved with minimal wear and damage.

test drive

Highway and city driving with two adults.  The interior is quiet and comfortable.  The pilot chair feels spacious and commanding over the road.  The driver sight lines are unmolested.  Riding as a passenger is a relaxing thrill.
In the city, the short wheel base manuevers well and the wishbone suspension handles uneven pavement easily.  The brakes perform properly.  The steering is soft and needs adjustment.  The engine accelerates rapidly in pace with modern traffic.
Highway driving with the top down is always memorable for the feel and excitement but also the lustful looks of the other commuters.  Quickly reaching highway speeds while moving gracefully in traffic.
Overall, a rare gem that handles well and is a joy to drive.  The lightweight drop top looks compliment its driving pleasure and the feeling is shared universally by driver, passenger and on looker.  A classic Mercedes that has withstood the test of time.

Left hand drive

This Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.

currently available

This Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 is currently offered for sale and direct export by a private seller in the Canary Islands Spain.

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