Recently restored.  Rebuilt 3.0L inline 5 cylinder OM617 motor with 4 speed manual transmission.  Locking center and rear differentials with two speed transfer case.  Fresh paint and undercoating.  Rebuilt suspension and brakes.  New tires.



For sale for worldwide export.  Originally, ordered from the factory by the owner of Tenerife´s first Mercedes Dealership.  Currwntly, under its third owner who comissioned a full restoration upon purchasing the vehicle from his long time client, the vehicle´s second owner.  Fully restored in the owner´s Bosch certified Mercedes specialist shop from 2015-2018.
Originally, the vehicle was Cactus Green before being repainted in dark green by the second owner.  Current owner painted the vehicle in Mercedes brand black and coated the underbody in 2018.  The interior is fully reupholstered.  Factory motor replaced with a OM617 replacement with 120,000 kms after complete rebuild using OEM Mercedes parts.  Various modern upgrades like map holders and wheel arches.
Currently, insured and road legal.  Less than 1,000 kms since restoration was completed.


Original OM617 motor was replaced with a OM617 motor with 120,000 kms.  3.0L 5 cylinder inline diesel engine producing 121 horsepower, naturally aspirated.  One of the all time achievements in engineering, the OM617.
4 speed manual transmission is fitted to a two speed transfer case with central and rear differential locks.
Highway cruising speed of 90 kph, top speed around 110 kph.


Completely reupholstered interior: new carpet, headliner, leather dash board padding, door cards and seats.  Work is done to a high level of craftsmanship.   Rear seatbelts have been added from a W123.  Steering wheel has been replaced with one from a W463.  Window levers have been replaced with ones from a W463.  After market CD stereo with after market speakers in the rear.  Door cards have W463 map holder compartments.
Rear seats fold flat.  Manual window and door locks.  Working heater.  Non smoking.


Repainted in 2018 in Mercedes black paint and under coated.  Paint shows imperfections.  Extended wheel arches were added.  Front windshield rain guard removed.  Windshield glass and gasket replaced.  Windshield wipers replaced with W463 part.  New OEM Mercedes front and rear light lense covers and turn signals.  Ambulance style rear doors with independent spare wheel support.
Windshield was repaired for rust, as well as, the front doors.  The underbody was treated for oxidation and coated with a synthetic product in October 2018.  
Brakes were fully serviced with new hoses, discs, pads and rear shoes.  Suspension was serviced with new Sachs shocks and coil springs.  New 16 inch Eco Green tires are fitted to alloy rims.


Road test on highway and city with two adults.  The 300GD handles well in traffic for its girth but will not win any races, it is gracefully slow.  On the highway, a comfortable cruising speed is 90 kph.  Steering and suspension are firm.  The vehicles travels in a straight line without holding the wheel.  Overall, it moves like a pro wrestler with its oversized proportions and power yet is agile and efficient.
Driving position is upright with ample space.  The passenger ride is comfortable with good sight lines for the driver, too.  Plenty of space in the rear for two child seats.  Rear cargo area is large enough for a Golden Retriver or two hounds,
Very fun to drive.  Play Rambo or the Wolf of Wall Street depending on the mood.  Equally elegant and savage.


Fully restored exterior and interior.
Repainted and underbody coated in 2018.
Full brake service.
Suspension serviced.
New tires.
Modern upgrades.
Mercedes mechanic owned and restored.


Exterior paint shows imperfections.
Interior paint from previous respray is present in areas.
Missing factory accessories: front tow hook, radiator skid plate, trailer hitch, emergency kit, fire extinguisher.
Rear door handle plastic cover is missing.


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Left hand drive

This Mercedes Benz 300GD like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.

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This Mercedes Benz 300GD is no longer available, yet, there may be others.


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