1980 MERCEDES BENZ 300D W123

SOLD!  Garage kept, matching number, all original W123 4 door sedan with 75,250 kms (46,800 mi) from new.  Cactus Green paint with green MB Tex-cloth mix interior.  3.0L 5 cylinder diesel motor OM617 with 4 speed manual transmission.



Originally ordered from the Mercedes Factory without diesel in the fuel tank for long term storage prior to its first registration on Tenerife.  It was used by its original owner for 5,000 kms and sold to their mechanic in 1991.  Later used as a usual daily driver for the next decades.  It has remained under the second owner’s care until it was recently inherited by the next of kin.  The original OM617 motor has a mere 75,250 kms and current Spanish registration.
The Interior is pristine with the HVAC system prepared for air conditioning but never installed.  The Cactus Green paint is a dank contrast to the green MB Tex-cloth tweed mix seats.  The four speed manual transmission is comfortable in the city and at home on the highway.  Fitted with chrome details from the factory.  This W123 would make a great center piece for a timeless collection or a turnkey daily driver that will outlast forever.


The Cactus Green paint has an added protective coating from the factory and wears well in any light.  There are minor imperfections like small scratches and a dent on the front passenger side.  The chrome wheel arches are factory upgrades along with the grille emblem star.

The 14 inch aluminum wheels wear newer Firestone tires.  Trailer hitch in the rear with electrical hook ups.  Working power radio antenna.  Slim European bumpers.

Never in an accident.  No rust.  Always garaged.

motor and transmission

OM617.912 inline 5 cylinder naturally aspirated diesel motor capable of 87 horsepower with a top speed of 150 kph.  This motor is considered by many as the most reliable engine ever made, and many have surpassed the million mile mark.  This W123 only has 75,250 kms (46,800 mi), which have been documented.  Notice how clean the valve cover is or the injectors, for that matter.
The power is transmitted through a four speed manual gearbox.  All gears shift smoothly and the entire driveline is in near mint condition with excellent maintenance.  The cold start is instant.  Recent fluid and filter changes.
Overall, very clean and well maintained.  This is model for how a OM617 W123 looks and sounds, as if it just left the showroom floor.


The interior color is green with a cloth and MB Tex mix for the seats.  The W123 was prepared for a warm climate with climate controls found on the dash, green band tint on the front windshield, and mixed cloth seats.  The Mercedes was ordered without rear seats belts.  The original Becker Mexico cassette radio is in working order.
The driver seat is in excellent condition.  All the door seals are like new.  Clean carpets and headliner.  All door latches seal properly and without effort.  All windows roll down smoothly.  All electronics work correctly.
Overall, the interior is in factory like condition.  A great car for a family road trip or for the movie set of Pineapple Express: Two.

test drive

The Mercedes Benz 300D drives like no other OM617 in terms of power and responsiveness of the motor.  My own daily driver is a similar green on green W123 300D and this is a car on another level.   There is no grandpa feel to this other than the smooth shifting four speed.
As a daily driver, no modern comforts are missed.  The cabin stays quiet with the windows open and the backseat is like a library, easy for little ones to sleep comfortably on long trips.
The handles and suspension are in fine condition.  The brakes test very well at the Spanish safety and emission testing showing good balance and strength.  Cruising speed is a comfortable 110kph and easily reaches 140kph.  One very solid and safe vehicle.

Left Hand Drive

This Mercedes Benz 300D W123 like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.


This Mercedes Benz 300D W123 has been sold to a private buyer in Poland.  Click on the link below to find something similar.




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