SOLD!  Well preserved original classic with 78,738 kms documented.  Factory Neptune paint with original interior and seating for six.  Air cooled 1.6L gasoline motor mated to a 4 speed manual transmission.  Minor rust.



Originally sold on the Canary Islands and registered first in 1975 on the island of La Palma.  The original owner used the Doka for hauling fruits from the farm to market.  Sold to the second owner in 2011, where it has sat in storage since while being maintained.  The odometer shows 78,738 kms, which are accurately documented in the Spanish vehicle registration and ITV road tests.
The factory Neptune paint shows minimal areas of oxidation.  The truck bed has been repainted in the past, as well as, some areas of paint touch ups.  The underbody is in good condition.  The beige interior is original from the factory, even the Topak radio is in present working order.
The flat four air-cooled 1.6L gasoline motor is mated to a 4 speed manual transaxle powering the rear wheels.  Many factory upgrades like chrome wheels caps and window trim enhance the beauty of this classic.


Finished in the original Neptune paint (J6J6) is in good to okay condition.  The paint wears well with minor areas of rust near the wheel wells.  There is no known bodywork, although an area near the passenger headlight shows damage and paintwork.  There are several areas of touch ups and the rear bed has been repainted in Neptune.  Overall, the body is in better than okay condition with a small dent near the rear passenger wheel.

The exterior is accented with factory upgrades like chrome side view mirrors and window trim.  Access to the rear cabin is provided with a passenger side door.  The rear bed has three fold down sides to make a flat bed.  The white bumpers are in okay condition with minor oxidation.

The white wheels with chrome caps wear 185 R14C tires with two new Eternity brand rear tires and older front Firestones.  All the rubber window and door seals are in good condition.

motor and transmission

The naturally aspirated flat four cylinder 1.6L air-cooled gasoline motor stamped AD517027 produces 50 horsepower.  The 4 speed manual transmission has gearing for mountainous regions (92).  The cabin is tilted for a twin can pickup (207).  The front and rear have heavy duty shock absorbers (103).

The motor sounds good and gears shift smoothly.  The engine area is clean without signs of oil leaking.  Underneath the chassis is undamaged and does not show signs of rust.


The dark beige interior (51) is original to the vehicle with areas of repair.  The vinyl seats are in okay condition and have room for six passengers with two front seat belts.  The front windows roll down with quarter window vent wings (507).  Original steering wheel in okay condition.
The original Topak cassette raido is operational with added aftermarket speakers in the rear.  The heater is present and operational.  Locking glove box and dashboard clock.  All electronics work properly.  Overall, in good condition.

test drive

Driving on country roads with three passengers for less than 10 kms.  It was an experience to drive and handle this classic wagon.  The Doka does not have power steering and it can be difficult to manuever in tight spaces but the small truning radius allows for added mobility.  The feel of driving a T2 hunkering over the road is unique with its low angle steering wheel and open viewpoint.
The vehicle moves well through each gear and handles the road well.  The suspension is in good order and the brakes work well.  In a recent Spanish ITV road inspection it passed with only on negative remark about the brake pressure to the rear wheels.
Anyone with an opportunity to drive one of these should go for it!  They are fun and practical with a near one ton load capacity and seating for six.  A classic car for the ages.

Left Hand Drive

This Volkswagen T2 Doka like all Canary Island Rover vehicles, features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.

NO LONGER Available

This Volkswagen T2 Doka was sold on live auction at www.BringaTrailer.com/Auctions to a private buyer in Oklahoma USA.  Click on the link below to find a similar vehicle.




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