Restored double cabin transporter in Neptune blue with the original beige interior.   Air cooled 1.7L gasoline motor mated to a 4 speed manual transmission.  Seating for five.



Originally sold on the Canary Islands and registered first in 1971.  The Doka has always lived in the south of the island in the same village.  It was parked for about eight years, unused (2008-2016) prior to purchase by the current owner.  The double cabin pick up was fully restored.  Bodywork and a full repaint of the body, interior, and underneath  were completed in 2018.

Repainted in its original Neptune blue paint, the beige interior upholstery is said to be original from the factory.  A replacement flat four air-cooled 1.7L gasoline motor is mated to a 4 speed manual transaxle powering the rear wheels.  Tasteful upgrades include chrome headlights, chrome VW badge, and walnut wood bed liners and roof rack.


The body was repaired in 2018.  All rust was excised and welded new.  The truck bed and rear gates are original to the vehicle.  All fixed-window seals were replaced.

The exterior is accented with factory upgrades like chrome side view mirrors and window trim.  Access to the rear cabin is provided with a passenger side door.  The rear bed has three fold down sides to make a flat bed.  The white bumpers have rubber step covers.  Modifications include the roof rack and walnut wood bed liners.

The wheels with chrome caps wear Firestone CV3000 185 R14 tires with more than 50% tread remaining.  All the rubber window and door seals are in new condition.

motor and transmission

A replacement naturally aspirated flat four cylinder 1.7L air-cooled gasoline motor produces 50 horsepower.  It is a dual admission intake equipped with a single carburettor.  The 4 speed manual transmission has gearing for mountainous regions (92).  The front and rear have heavy duty shock absorbers (103).

The motor sounds good and gears shift smoothly.  The engine area is clean without signs of oil leaking.  Underneath the chassis is undamaged, without rust.


The original beige interior (51) is well preserved and without damage.  There is seating for five passengers, and two front seatbelts.  The front windows roll down with quarter window vent wings (507).  The original steering wheel and dash were repainted in the original VW black.
A new stereo unit and speakers were installed under the current ownership with added aftermarket speakers in the rear door cards.  The heater is present and operational.  Overall, in good condition.

test drive

The T2 is a good driver having recently passed the Spanish road safety and emission test.  Cruising speed is around 80 kph but it can reach speeds close to 100kph.  The gears shift smoothly and the truck handles well.  There is no power steering but the vehicle is agile.  The lowered mountain gear ratios make for comfortable city driving when taking off from a light, for instance but diminish the overall top speed.
The Doka was tested in town and on the highway and performed well.  The Type 4 engine provides increased power over the 1.6L motor.  The vehicle is a pleasure to drive.

Left Hand Drive

This Volkswagen T2A Doka like all Canary Island Rover vehicles features the steering wheel on the left side like in North America and Mainland Europe.

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No LONGER Available

This Volkswagen T2a Doka is no longer available.  Click on the link below to find a similar vehicle.




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